How to make grease pencil lineart look like G-pen?

I wanted to look more realistic like under in left side of this image

even with freestyle mothed it doesn’t look what I like :'/

Best I could do was combo of starting with thin Line Thickness in the Line Art modifier (10), followed by Deform Envelope modifier and then a Thickness modifier (Settings above).

Good luck.


thank you a lot,

is it normal that blender get crashed after you are rotating the camera and you have “lineart” modifier ?

like this happened to me 4 times, get scared of this because I don’t want spend my time and boom here is new crash.

Depends… The Alphas can sometimes behave that way, but generally the Releases are pretty stable and the LTS versions even more so.

Also helps to keep scene complexity to a minimum when your viewport frame rate starts getting slow.

Good luck.

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