How to make hair fall out?

I am making transformations. So when a human becomes a reptile hair shouldn’t be there. Most people make their hair shrink or disappear but that is unrealistic. I want the particles to get cut from the emittermesh and fall to the ground. The last time i took the emitter mesh and made several faces that were falling to the ground, but they were still connected in the faces and not really behaving like hair.

The only easy way to do something like that, that I can think of, is to have many (20 - 100 maybe) separate smalllish emitter planes within the scalp that each have a hair system with 30-100 hairs each. You create one of these planes and then duplicate it several times and comb each one separately. then you could keyframe the location of the planes.

You could substitute hair cards for actual hair (if only for just the one shot), and simulate the hair as cloth. Pin the cloth to the head with a vertex group, and change it over time with a vertex weight proximity modifier. It works ok but can be quite slow to calculate.

hairfallout0_001.blend (845.2 KB)

Convert the particle system, join objects, convert to curve, softbody physics? Swap out on the frame where it happens. Could be an awfully slow sim.

That’s what I did the last time basically. I had the emitter mesh and made sevral faces of it which then made a sloth simulation on those meshes.

I like your version.

I’ll try it out. I was hoping that hair particles would work like particles that get emitted.