How to make hair less choppy?

i’ve tried googling it, and i just got results that didn’t have to do with my inquiry. so this is my very first hair:

i’m not sure how to feel about it. there are noticeable choppy areas, but it also seems to look more like fur than human hair. it’s not supposed to be a synthetic wig, but dyed hair. any suggestions?

Hi, I think its hard to pin point exactly without knowing your properties… Sometimes enabling B spline in render settings kinda helps.

Theres a lot of tutorials for realistic hair in YouTube. Pretty sure u can pull off a nice hair for the cool model u have : )

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i have b-spline turned on. i haven’t been able to find any tutorial that talks about choppiness.

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Correct me if im wrong but if i get the side profile of the hair- the hair looks like this is it? is this what you are refering as choppy?

okay, so since i can’t explain it, here’s a picture of it in the viewport:

i took cosmetology many years ago, so i know hair, and THIS would not fly in the real world. yes, i want it spikey, but i mean… ugh, i can’t explain it. is this just how any hair looks? am i being too picky? is my render actually fine? does it look real??