How to make hair particle copy color of the parent mesh? (Eevee)


How can I make hair particle copy the color on the base mesh. Eevee.
Like what I show in the screenshot.

The color gradient on the parent mesh is generate with sun lamp and shader to rgb node.


Quick shot:
The object doesn’t need explicitly a “Texture Coordinate” Node for input but the particle need own with the Object selected ?

try this:
Texture coordinate node → ColorRamp → Diffuse BSDF → Shader to RGB → Material Output


Thanks for help. But not really what I was looking for.
In my case, the gradient color in the ball, change direction with the sun lamp rotation.
Would it be possible to make the hair color gradient change with direction of the sun as well?

At the bottom of the texture coordinate node theres an object picker, select the sun lamp object and then plug in the ‘object’ output of the node into the colorramp. That should rotate the colors with the sun lamp