How to make hair particles with parents?


i want to make a forest and for that I used the hair particle system and made a collection of trees.
But my trees in the collection consist of several objects. The trunk and leaves are separated and are parented with each other. I need them being separated bc of the texture I use.

So when I select my tree collection in the hair particle system, the problem is that the system copys the trunk and leaves separated (without parents),
as a result the copied leaves are on the ground and not on the trunk.
How can I solve this problem?

Well when you press CRTL-J to join then it should not change the texture. They are then separately assigned to the corresponding areas. What texture is that?

I need them separated bc the appearance of the texture depends on the location of the origin of the object. Same with the trunk.
The origins are always in the center, so when I join them the texture also changes.
texture separated:

texture joined:

Well has the bark also a location depending texture? otherwise you can join it the other way around because i dont think the current particle system has this function… You could look into geometry nodes if this is what you need

Do you use the object or a collection as the source?

Every tree in a separate collection and a separate particle system? Maybe this can work

The way you can solve this problem is creating different branches with all the variations you need in the material. Then you create several particle systems controlling the distribution of the branches where you need them to be using vertex groups with weight paint. This way you can do what you want. Particle systems don’t accept parenting.

And, as I see, you want to have the leaves separated from the trunk because of the way you have your textures controlled. Well, I am sorry to inform that it’s not going to work, unless you find a way to control all your materials taking in account the same origin point. I don’t think it’s so difficult, OR to do as I said and create the branches with the variations you need and apply them to the tree.

After that you really need to convert the tree into one single object, cause particle systems don’t respect parenting, as I said before.

Did you know that you can use gradient textures to control your textures and that you can move them in the X, Y or Z axis to go far from the origin point? Maybe that could be a solution for your material control. You could even use several gradients to control the materials of different kinds of branches and leaves to have some variation.