How to make hair rotate according to the rotation of the head/body

Hi, I’m new to rigging and I followed a tutorial on how to rig the hair using rigify. i used tail samples to be able to control each strand of the hair. The rig works but rotating the hair is a problem, see below:

As you can see, I rotated the head to the right and made it look upward. the hair still points downwards and the hair behind the photo would then clip into the head. some strands such as the one on the left follows the head to some extent but not really. Is there any way I can fix this? Also other tutorials for rigging hair for rigify would be nice. Thank you for reading!

I’d make sure bones are parented all the way to the head bone.
or make IK link and parent the target to the head bone.

But honestly - Rigify is good if you planning to do complex animation.
If you aim is to just pose character, then simple hand-made rig will work way better and faster.

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A bit annoying but gets the job done using the Spring Bones add-on…

Latter on you might want to look at this more advanced hair system for particle hair…