How to make High res Overlays -Ft. My hands :)

How to make Backdrops (the easy, and the messy way)

So Blendartists wont host the images, due to the absurd aspect ratio, but ill host them on my g-Drive.

(Thats the basics)

After that its time to move to photoshop/gimp.

You may need to crop the image.
Then you need to remove all saturation and invert the image. Then mess around with the curves to get a pure black and white image.

Heres an example:

Stupid question (possibly), but is the hairspray necessary? I understand it just locks the charcoal to the paper to make sure there is no smudging. Is this correct, or is there another reason?

It is exactly for that. It keeps your scanner tray clean and keeps smudges from happening. I actually recommend ‘Fixative’ but to buy that is really rare.
And basically hairspray is exactly the same.

Also hair spray dries easier and is alot cheaper.

But no, its not required. Its just to keep the scanner fresh and clean

interesting tuts, at the PS step will it not be more easier to simply do an ctrl+i to invert the image colors ? next step is to make the spec, ao, NM BM maps ^^