How to make horn of gramophone/phonograph more realistic?

I just need some help on how to make this more realistic, mainly the horn but please critique wherever you like.

modeling and rendering done in Blender 2.57

What is your reference material? A photo or the real thing?

If you post the reference material it would be easier to make a judgment on what it should look like.

It looks like you got most parts correct. The material is little too shiny though and wooden box looks like it is made up of plastic.

As for the modeling, horn needs little work. In general it is made up of three parts, an elbow to fit on to the needle pickup, straight conical section, and finally the trumpet shaped end. The horn is mounted at the needle pickup and it is also resting on a wire cradle near the arm hinge. Look at this You Tube Video, it shows the general working of the components. By the way, reason it is put together this way is so that horn end is counter balanced against the needle pickup. That way needle presser on the record can be controlled.

depends on the model’s year your trying to make !

i did one like that last year for the fun o fit and make the horn more modern i guess!

also you cold apply material with more texture may be but depends what you want it to look like!

happy 2.5

might be useful
also it might benefit from adding an area light directly above
some reflection and an image to reflect.