How to make ice melting slow by using fluid simulator in Blender

Hi, i was watching this tutorial -

, but it only explaines how to make a picture of the melt ice or just 2 seconds long animation. But where to find settings to make my ice melt at least 10 seconds and slow?

There are a few ways to slow the speed of a fluid simulation, take your pick:

  1. Increase the playback range. The fluid simulation calculates across the playback range, regardless of the other settings. So if you double the playback range, the fluid simulation will move at half the speed. Downside: it will take twice as long to calculate (twice as many frames)!

  2. Decrease the “Speed” number for your Fluid Domain. This is probably the most straightforward method when you already have a simulation set up, but want to tweak the speed just a little bit. Change it from 1.0 to 0.8, for instance, or from 1.0 to 1.2.

  3. Decrease the “End” value for the Fluid Domain’s “Time” property. This is sort of the reverse of the Playback range option (#1). In the tutorial he changes the end time from 4.0 to 0.1. That’s his method for slowing down the liquid to create the “melting ice” look. You could decrease that to 0.05, for instance.

Those three: Playback range, Speed, and Fluid Time. Usually I just tweak one of them when working with simulations, especially at first.

Thank you. But i come across weird problem. When selecting domain tupe for the cube, cube turnes into little sphere or blob.

before pressing domain type


here is my blend file

It’s probably just pulling up old fluid days from previous bakes (this is pretty common if you’re doing a lot of fluid work) . Once you set your domain, click Bake and stop the baking process as soon as you see the progress bar starting. This will clear all the cached data except for the first few frames.

You can also move your time marker past where you’re calculating fluids (frame 1000, for instance) and you should see the cubed domain.