How to make Infection in Multiplayer Addon in Blender 2.72

ok. so, I am making a game, and I need a way to make a multiplayer game in Python or Logic Bricks where there’s 2 teams, survivors and zombies, and when you’re killed by a zombie, you become a zombie. and when you’re a zombie, you have infinite lives, but one as a survivor. Code or Ideas are greatly apprecited. Thanks!

Edit: i’m using Blender 2.72 and the multiplayer addon by Angus Hollands v1.65

What exactly is the problem?

What you describe is the concept of the game. It is not really complicated.

You could announce a mini-event to create games with this requirements.

Here some ideas.

  • tell the player he is a survivor (status)
  • let zombie be able to kill survivors (operation/interaction)
  • let a player change from survivor to zombie when killed (operation on event)

I don’t have a specific problem. I was just curious on how i could do this. That’s also a lot of information. Thank you for that. I will look forward to adding these mechanisms into my game im working on.

Edit: also, when you say, mini-event, what exactly do you mean? I dont quite understand.

I mean a sort of contest (like BGMC)