How to make it more Brassi ( Tuba )

Please guide me how to make it more brass.

hey man. you can go to a few websites such as

or search google. for blender + brass texture…

hope this helps…

Thanks Shannonnocnkins
On that page, Brass is not there, but I got gold. Little changes, and now see result.

i also… found a few more things…
you can either follow this tutorial…

  1. Find a reference for material:
  2. Define the elements of the material:
    Diffuse color: Dark orange (915208).
    Specular color: Orange (D88B1C).
    Mirror color: Light Pinkish! (D8975A).
  3. I will make my brass reflective so we need to tweak mirror settings:
    Set Ray Mirror on. (Found in Shading\Mirror Transp)
    I used my chrome settings, they work quite nicely in this case too:
    RayMir: 0.86
    Depth: 2
    Fresnel: 0.28
    Fac: 2.93
  4. Tweak specularity:
    CookTor: Spec: 0.665, Hard: 328

I know that these settings are far from perfect but at least they give you a start. Feel free to tweak values and experiment. Try out different shaders (ramp shaders etc.).

D’oh, just noticed it’s too bronzy. Wrong ref pic … no worries, just make it more yellowish.

(i didn’t make it. just found it…)

or go to this site.

then download the zip.
i think it has a blend in it.?
not sure didn’t download it…

Thanks Shannonnocnkins
I got the material from the above site and attached. Now see the effect. I think now it is looking like a brass instrument.