how to make jacket with softbody

first of all my English is horrible :slight_smile: I’m currently on a blender project in which I’m using a rigged armature with a jacket a long jacket ( front open and rear is almost reaching knees ) Like Devil may Cry 5 jacket ! yes almost same u can google it :slight_smile: I have done pinning etc I already tried cloth simulation but it is so like a cloth !! I mean a dumb cloth ( u know what I mean its jacket u know a leather jacket ) It used to be like leather and its going crazy with jigling and stuff anyway . So I switched to soft body I heard its better for human clothing etc ! but I’m new to soft bodies . oookkk I’m new to blender also please Help Meeeeee with this damn jacket I just want to give it real jacket effect and its rigged with armature but not joined to human mesh :-)tanks for hellp already ( I said my english horrible) XD