How to make just one color of my texture bright (like as metallic)?

Hi everyone!

I am modeling an object that has a label. The label I applied as a texture (a single image), and made an unwrap normally, as follows the render below.

However, I need the yellow part of this texture to have a shine (as metallic), just like the real product (as follows the photos on links below).

How can I make only the yellow parts of my texture (label) emit this glow effect? I am modeling and texturing using Blender 2.81.

Can someone help me with this task please?

I am using only one image to texture the label. Do I need a second image with only the yellow parts to do this?

Thanks in advance!!!

I would be tempted to put that in photoshop and just use the gold from the original instead of yellow. ?

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Thanks for your answer. That was one of the options that I had thought of. However, I wanted to do this using only Blender and maybe some material nodes.

I would go into your image file, select the yellow, make it white, make everything else black, save as a new image. Plug that new image into the metallic input of the shader.

If you really dont want to leave blender, you could still technically accomplish it, but it’d be a stupidly long proccess, just make the mask image.


@NiklasWerth beat me to it. Additionally you’ll have to change the yellow colour to something like the gold colour in this image for it to look like gold/goldleaf

Also, you might also want a Roughness map so that the gold part is more reflective than the rest of the label. Although for that you already have a black and white mask. Just reuse the metallic map, but stick it through a ColorRamp, switch black and white around and lighten the dark so that the metallic part is as reflective as you want. Then darken the white end of the color ramp to get the rest of the label as you want it.

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