How to make/keep everything straight (chairs are straight and touching floor)?


I have a problem with keeping everything straight model wise.

My modelled objects are all higgledy-piggledy when I try set them up in a scene.

Yeah sure, one leg of the chair touches the floor but the other three could fit a book under them lol

Anyone got any tips?

Is there like a “SNAP TOOL”, where things can be snapped/connected to other objects?

Cheers in advance!


When “lining things up on the floor,” either use the Ortographic view (Numpad-5), or manually enter appropriate Z-coordinates for the objects. Then use a Front or Side view. Now, the camera will be looking directly forward and you will see the placement without perspective.

There is a “grid” that can be used to snap things, also.

Alternatively, select the chair, in edit mode select the bottom of the 4 legs. Shift+S and cursor to selected. In object mode, Ctrl+Alt+Shift+C and set origin to 3d cursor.
Now set your snap to be vertex, start moving / rotating your chair and snap it to the floor.
You can use a combination of setting the 3d cursor to your “fulcrum” having the action centre as the 3D cursor and using snap to nearest vertex to realign your chair.

Another way would be, just stick in edit mode, highlight the bottom of each leg individually and each time, use snap to vertex to drop them down to the floor object.
This ability to rotate / snap is where the 3d cursor really comes into its own.

The Drop to Ground addon may be of help for what you are trying to do:

It’s no substitute for modeling with accuracy, but can quickly put a bunch of objects onto the ground plane.

I just zoom way in in front or side view ( ortho ), and use the G key.

Advanced align tools, align objects min/max/origin/center with offset.