How to make libs look real?

How to make libs like in this picture?

How to make a Material like this?:

There is no easy answer. However, I have learned that modeling the mesh is not enough. True artists can spend weeks on painting proper textures to apply to the mesh, and more weeks can be spent on arranging the lighting to best effect.

that is wierd… posting a link to a tutorial and then asking how to do it…

anyway, if you read it and then search around for all the little things that make up the whole you can figure it out. Of course it will probably take years and years of practice because you and the machine are constantly going to get better!

heh Thanks… The reason I can’t view the tutorial on the link, is because I can’t open PDF, :frowning: But anyway… how do you guys make lips?

If you finds a good tutorial it would be nice if it was for blender… :smiley: :stuck_out_tongue:

To achieve something like that it’s the compination of modeling, texturing and right light setup. That material is either hand panted or taken straight from a photo, after some postprosessing ofcourse.
And BTW, it’s lips, not libs. :smiley:

okay then… it just need to train a lot in this… :smiley:

heh Thanks!

Why is that? Adobe Acrobat Reader is free to download for all greater
operatingsystems… what’s the big deal?

//The M.h.p.e.

Funny… I just downloaded it… But The first Adobe Acrobat Reader i found, cost real money… [!] [!]

the first was probably just plain old acrobat, which authors the files and costs money. The reader is free. Kind of like Flash the program, and flash the viewer.

OKay then, i’ll guess that the stuff I found was for the acrobat… But i worked like the reader… whatever… I got the version that’s free, so let’s not talk about the that… but about, lips :wink: hehe