How to make liquid inside a glass?

I need to make a bar scene, which involves a glass with a shot of whatever in it. I tried making an object that fit inside the object and then used raytransparency to make it look like liquid. When put inside the glass, however, it rendered entirely black! Help! Can someone give me advice on how to make this work?

d_m :-?

Had a similar problem once with a transparent telephone dial, the phone under the dial was completely black. My solution was to make sure the TraShad button was pressed in the materials shader tab (in your case this would be the liquid). If that doesn’t look right (the material is to dark) you can also try turning off shadows completely for the liquid.

Hope this helps

I’ll try that. Check for updates.


Make sure your raytransp depth is set high enough. If you have a closed object within another closed object [both transparent] , you are going to need at least a depth of 4 [maybe 5] for this to work.

I did a glass filled with wine. Basically, I just went to the inside of the glass and joined the mid section across. If you need to adjust the level of the liquid, just add another face loop on the inner surface of the glass and close it.

It’s not any good if you want to animate it but it’s fine for stills. Here’s a screenshot

and here’s the blend file. I think I made a couple of changes since the screenshot as I was playing with environment mapping but the glass should be ok - turn off subds to see the basic mesh I used. Hope it helps.