How to make material for camera sensor color?

So i want to replicate this camera sensor :

if viewed by some angle, the color shifting.
From what i found online, found the “kinda similar” but not exactly similar, using iridescent Material node.

But when i tried it, it doesnt look same, and it needs huge angle to see the gradient.

Here is the video :

And also i dont know how to pink to blue only, not rainbow.

This is an easy one:

for more complex look here:

I don’t mind what you’ve posted, but angle is not driving the change which is what was requested.
I would try something like:
Layer Weight/Facing -> RGB Curves (or ramp) -> Map Range [0,1]-[0,2*pi] ->
Math Multiply 2 (?) -> Math Sine -> Map Range [-1,1]-[0,1] -> Map Range [0,1]-[460,490] -> Wavelength to define a color in wavelength space.
Some nodes can be omitted, and map ranges can be concatenated, and you may want to not use trig this way, but this layout makes it easy to see intuitively what is going on.
The video doesn’t work for me.

umm, i kinda new here, can you screenshot the nodes? by text it looks confusing a bit :frowning:

something like this?
increase facing value for “sharper” angles,and finetune the colors to your like in the colorramp.

a high gloss (metallic) version,with noise tex to break up the normal facing.colormix controls overall break up.distortion in the noise tex, is best to try different variations.

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Would be something like this. The whole point was using map range to control the math ranges, outputting to a wavelength node to define the colors. I’ve included a reflection coord based magic texture (the above one used generated, not sure why), that will also change the appearance as the view angle changes but in less predictable ways than purely facing based. Not sure where I saw the reflection coord trick. It doesn’t make the other answers wrong. It’s just another way of tackling a problem. Maybe multiplying them is not the best idea, I was just messing around.

wait, imma try this!