How to make money in zbrush??

:yes: Ok, You’ve all seen “How to make money in blender” from blender guru,right?

:Well, what if you wanted to buy Zbrush ,but you could only save, and I know from experience that always do a little research, So if i buy this then how would i use it to earn my money back. I know i would have to get really good at it, but just some list some of the things i can to with it.

Well,if you buy zbrush and it comes with a set of really nice authentic brushes. Then you could go out a paint a house with them and make some money. Other then that it looks really hard to make money doing CG stuff. There are so many talented people and you really, REALLY, need to be good at it.

Not to discourage you in any way though. Keep trying, and I wish you luck. It can be done I’m sure.

That answer, was kind of depressive, Any better help.

unfortunately, to get anywhere in this world, you have to do this thing called ‘work’. there are plenty options such as selling stock models or stock imagery.

software can be an investment but it is fundamentally just a tool which requires you to go out and use it.

i know it does man im just saying what are the options, what is selling stock models, and stock imagery. Can you make all this stuff in zbrush???

i love to make monsters, im just asking as a question of curiosity. I’m not doing this for the money, im doing it for the art of sculpting , im going to try sculpting in blender first though.

If you are into shares trading . . . selling stock is when you sell shares …

That article applies to other 3d progams too not just Blender.

If you do upload models to let say turbosquid upload them in the most popular format. .blend could make some of people look elseware for the same model.

course you can. google zbrush and look at any gallery you find. you can make all sorts of things. as far as i know, it is way more optimized in sculpting that Blender simply because it is specifically made for that. it is generally for high poly work, though its very useful for creating normal maps and displacements maps for low poly models from the high rez sculptures.

You might want to ask in the zBrush forums, as you will connect with many artists who are using it professionally there, rather than here at Blender.

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Get a few of these under your belt and you’'ll make a little money

250 grand for a stick figure… good god. You could buy a house with that money.