How to make money in zbrush??

Ok, You’ve all seen “How to make money in blender” from blender guru,right?…-with-blender/

:Well, what if you wanted to buy Zbrush ,but you could only save, and I know from experience that always do a little research, So if i buy this then how would i use it to earn my money back. I know i would have to get really good at it, but just some list some of the things i can to with it.

Haven’t you answered your own question by the link to blenderguru.

Some suggestions.

There is no need to make the same post in multiple subforums.
Buy a pen and tablet like you were getting for your 2d art
If you can make a model that people want to buy, great, but it better be bloody good.
Don’t buy ZBrush expecting to make your money back, you more than likely won’t
To be good at something you have to enjoy it. With the attitude of getting something to make money, is the wrong attitude to improve your ability to the level you will need to achieve.
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I would focus on advancing your 3d skills in general first. It’s not the program that you use, it’s the experience with 3d concepts and getting accustomed to a program’s toolset. I’d suggest starting with blender’s sculpt mode and doing a lot of sculpt work with a free program before dropping cash on a specialized sculpting app.

On note of making money - you’ll have to be fairly good with whatever app you’re using, and find which type of work you excel at… then the fun part - finding clients. If you have no solid clients and no experience with zbrush (or any other similar app, i.e. blender), then it’s going to take a while before you’re “good enough” to make money at it.

It’s just like sports, and “going pro”. Don’t worry about getting endorsements and sponsors, just have fun doing / playing that sport, and if you are dedicated enough eventually you’ll get sponsor offers by word of mouth, rather than seeking them out and “biting off more than you can chew.” Just as with blender, use it, learn it, love it, as a hobby, and have FUN… the “sponsors” will come in time.

that’s my 2 cents :RocknRoll:


thanks: very much for opening my eyes, I’ve always wanted to create monsters maybe ill give blender a try before spending countles hours of money thanks