how to make more more detaild textures!!

heyy everyone i was just wondering how to make more detailed textures.

if anyone can help then thank you and i alrady use nor to make it more detaild but is there any other way to make it better

thnx : ]

Detail maps can help in some cases. See this:

uh… better than what? You make more detailed textures by adding more detail to your textures :). Fuse photographic material with painted material. Create brushed for painting grunge and inconsistencies. Use all the tools at your disposal and don’t stop until you can clearly tell what your object is just by looking at your color map. If your color/diffuse map doesn’t look detailed an realistic then chances are neither will your model when you’ve applied that texture. Take the time to unwrap every little part and don’t use procedural or tileables anywhere.

You should probably clarify what you mean a little more. This question is almost like asking “how do I make better CG? Are there any tricks for making better CG?”