How to make multiple meshes on one armature work properly on bge

I have an armature for a character, the character is composed of various objects, here are the problems I came across.
1 - I use replace mesh on a cube to replace it for a human model. The human model moves, but the replaced mesh doesn’t. Is there a way to link the replaced mesh of the cube to the animated model?
2 - The human model is composed of several objects, in addition there are several other objects for hair and clothing. The human model (made with many objects parented to the same armature) works ok, but the clothing doesn’t work, it remains motionless (even though it is parented exactly like the human model). What am I doing wrong?

Has the mesh you’re replacing the cube with been properly weight-painted to use that armature?

Yes, all meshes have been weight painted except for the cube. If I were to guess I’d say that’s the problem; the cube (or better yet, original mesh) should also be weight painted before replacing it with another mesh, right?

I was able to solve it, it was a pretty dumb mistake actually. I accidentally parented the clothes to the human model, I just parented to the armature again and worked correctly