How to make my Lamborghini look more realistic in Blender 2.8?

Hey everyone,

I made this Lamborghini SVJ in Blender 2.79 and when the Blender 2.8 came out i wanted to try out the new Eevee Render. Right now my model looks like its in some game graphic, not super realistic.
How to make my model more realistic, what to change ?
Do you know some better settings for car paint color or some other materials?
Also could you give me some feedback too.
I will be really grateful if you could help me.
Thank you. :slight_smile:


Here are some suggestions from me:

  • Use a different HDRi that will make your model standout
  • Bake Indirect Lighting
  • Fix the Car Paint by making the clearcoat reflection visible

Anyway, the model looks great and very smooth.


I’m not that good with Eevee, it is great for testing shaders, textures and so on but for rendering not really. at least that’s my opinion :slight_smile:
If you would allow me, I would like to recommend you RPR
Remember to get the library and install it after you install RPR, its good for testing stuff out and learning how to setup Nodes for RPR, of course you still can use Blender nodes, its fine that way too.
At this moment there are 34 Car paint in the library.

Remember to increase the Sample per View Update, I usually go for 1/3 of the Max samples, 1/2 is fine too, its just much faster that way. if you don’t have enough RAM and you want to render 4k+, than try doing Tile rendering, Resolution X / 4 = X tile, Resolution Y /4 = Y tile, or even /2 should be fine.

I hope you try it and show us how it looks

A really good HDRI site


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Thanks for the reply but i have Nvidia, idk if this AMD program would work for me?

RPR works with all gpus and cpus, well that is incorrect. as long as your GPU meets the requirements but as far as I know any GPU that was made in the last 8 years should be fine.

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Alright, yeah my computer is “powerful” so i think it should work just fine.

I for one cannot wait for the upcoming LookDev features

1:55 mark, cannot wait for those features :smile:
The AI denoise at this moment is a bit weird with Area Lights, if you make them visible

I hope you try it out and tell us your opinion :blush:

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Wow that looks awesome, i’ll try the AMD render right now and tell your my opinions.