How to make my red carpet go down?

Hey guys, I’ve made this room and it isn’t done.
But I have a little problem with the red carpet… I don’t want it to go across the room, but rather to the right. I’ve tried to draw a sketch in paint… I’ve attached my image!

For the red carpet I’ve used a normal plane :)…

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Add two circles (a big one and a smaller one in its center), remove vertices you don’t need, make a loop cut in the plane, connect any loose part.

Place a loopcut at the point that you wish to curve the carpet.
Next delete all of the verts that will no longer be needed.
Select the loopcut mentioned earlier.
navigate to top view with “7” on numpad (do not skip this step! In fact dont skip any of them.)
place the curser paralel or along the same line as the above mentioned loop cut, only place it at the center of the desired radius( You probably want to split the difference of remaining portion of the room).
Press space bar while in edit mode and type spin.
Fiddle with this tool untill you have the desired results.

I’ve just tried and it doesn’t look very well. Do you have a tutorial with pictures? :slight_smile:

Here is a link to a video example.

I see greyoxide was faster. :o I’ll post this anyway… :eyebrowlift:

My method:

  1. select plane, switch to edit mode, make a loop cut (CTRL+R) and add 2 circles; see screenshot 1
  2. remove the selected vertices; see screenshot 2
  3. select all and remove doubles (W)
  4. select the 2 bottom vertices and extrude them on Y axis, snap them to grid (SHIFT+S)
  5. Fill (ALT+F) and convert tris to quads (ALT+J)

greyoxide’s method:

  1. select plane, switch to edit mode, make a loop cut (CTRL+R); see screenshot 3
  2. delete all useless vertices and place the cursor (the Properties panel, N, can be handy); see screenshot 4
  3. spin (ALT+R) with the appropriate values; see screenshot 5
  4. move/extrude the bottom part on Y axis ; see screenshot 6

Thank you so much guys!!! You are really helpful :)!!