How to make normal map more visible in shadowed area of an object?

Hello blender community,
i’m having a little difficulties with a realistic moon that i’m making.
From a real moon image i saw that shadowed areas have a bit more bumps than lightened ones.
An Andrew Price tutorial “How to create realistic earth in Blender” showed me that i can do this effect with diffuse textures but i can’t seem to do it with normal maps. How can i get that effect with normal maps?

If you are lighting your spherical object with a lamp to simulate the sun the bump map will take care of that effect itself. Is your light source very large?

Try to use some displacement instead.

DruBan, my lighting source is one simple point light and the bump map is a bit more visible in a shadowed area but i need it multiplied. Ok it’s fixed. I used colorramp and mix multiply on the object and i’ve got effect that i wanted, thanks :slight_smile: