How to make object face the direction it is moving

I am rather new to the blender game engine and I have stumbled upon a problem.
I am setting up a character that moves around using the arrow keys.
Now in the tutorial I am watching the tutorial person is making it so that when you press up it moves forward and the left and right buttons rotate the character.
What i woud like to do is make it so that the left and right buttons make the character actually move to the left and right. Of course when i do it like that the chracter is moving sideways.
So what I would like to know is if there is a way to make the character rotate automatically so that it is always facing the direction it is moving.
thank you in advance

I use a mousemove script to control character rotation, which meana my character always faces forward. Check my sig for an exmaple.

Mhm that’s an interesting idea, but i don’t want the camera to always be behind the character, and i don’t really want mouse controls, I want it to play more like a console game, but thanks anyways