How to make Objects go on with motion then turn on its own

Hello Can anyone make a tut or tell me how you can make an object go by not keyframing it
and make it turn on its own like a couple of times. like You are making a game then you make a cube then you put the motion thing up 1 or 2 then it goes and you want it to turn on its own like 4 or 5 or 6 times over and over. I need help to figure this out… PLZ someone help me… THis is like a real game thing. Making cars move and turn, like that without pressing (I) loc/rot. just using the game logic tab no keyframing… anyine help plz

You mean you want an object to move, then turn a couple of times on its own? :confused:
You could hook up some delaysensors to some motion actuators to get something like this:


example.blend (125 KB)

In the Game menu, select ‘Record Game Physics to IPO’. Any physics actions in the game engine will then be recorded and can be played back in the normal 3d window as an animation.


WOW. man thanks. Thats what im talken about. After I posted this I found a couple of blend files that are just what I needed. but There was all these properties and actuaters and all that stuff that will take an hour to set up to do what u did in that example. thanks…Your example is much better and will take like a min to set up. thanks

Yea I no but I dont want it to be in the ipo thing. I just want it to be in the game engine thats it but thanks.

Sure thing, glad to help! :wink: