how to make objects stop going through each other

Hey guys,

Snapping is useful and all, but somewhat limited… either that or I don’t know how to use it properly. Is their anyway to set up blender so that when I for example build a log cabin, the logs DO NOT go through each other? So that if I move one log down on another, usually the log goes right through but I want it to stop once it touches another object. That possible?


Yes, u can manage the snap tool to be very effective. I personally change the tab (by the magnet that appears when snap is turned on) that is default set at “closest” and change that to “active” then when selecting your verts or group of verts deselect and re-select the last vertice that you want to snap. This is makes that vert the active one. Hope this helps

Snapping is not a big issue for me. I always get it easily, The method you described is also a helpful one.