How to make particles like this?

How to make this on blender o.o

i made this in Photoshop but i want to make it on blender to animate

help plis

Your question isn’t too clear, but I wonder if a smoke simulation would work. You’d want to try to see if maybe you can give the smoke an emitter material (not sure if that is possible), and you’d want to minimize convection effects (maybe by lowering temperature difference), but not sure that’s possible either. Probably other ways to fake it, like some sort of translucency mask combined with an emitter material. Really out of my depth here though. Good luck.

I’m not quite sure what you are asking, but try setting your particle material to ‘add’ in the halo settings?

You were showing several different pictures, so I am not entirely which look you are after. My guess is that you just want to have a large glowing ball in the sky? If you are using blender internal, there is “halo”. The glow/glare you want though I would just do in compositing. I wouldn’t try to model a sun/star in blender with particles unless you are planning on showing the details close up like in the first picture.