how to make particles not pass part way through collision object?

i’ve added collision to my ground plane and particles objects (spheres) but when they hit the plane the go 1/3 to 1.2 way through before they stop. i can’t find any way to set collision bounds, how do you prevent this?

Browsing on my phone right now so can’t check, but there’s a “use radius” or some such checkbox somewhere…

Probably with the size params…


It’s on the “physics” panel and is labelled “size deflect”

I too had this problem then I tabbed into edit mode and moved the origin point of the objects (also spheres) to the bottom of the object by moving the object itself (whilst in edit mode) which fixed the protruding thru the plane problem, however some of the object particles still bob part way thru before nesting back on top of the collider plane(still no solution, yet :o).
hope this helps

Hah, the answer is in the post I made above… keep the origin of the object in the middle of your object and use “size deflect”…


If you bump a two month old thread you might want to read it first!