how to make particles real ?

I have a plane with particles going along a curve

after doing the anim for a certain time I want to stop it and make it real mesh

how can I do that ?

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This might help

you’ll have to insert


Can’t just render in two parts?

you mean cannot be done from the GUI!

has to be done with script only !

what do you mean by
Can’t just render in two parts?

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Just Ctrl+Shift+A then F6 for options…

GUI, of course you can. Render in two parts was suggesting exactly that. Sounded like you wanted to animate even the make real command. :spin:

There’s is spacebar search anytime you forget a shortcut. The strings ‘make r’ and ‘make d’ both bring up only two items to chose from.

I’m surprised no one suggested this already. Go to your modifier stack and click the button that says convert on your particle settings. It’s sole purpose is converting particles into mesh objects.

right the modifier stack

I check the physic and particles panel
and found nothing

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