How to make particles relative to an object

I have some particles that represent thrust coming from an engine.

However, if the jet accelerates from rest, the particles get stretched out (i.e. particles that are already emitted are not affected by the jet movement). Similarly, if the jet makes a turn, the particles were emitted do not turn but continue on making a really long and ugly stretch of particles behind the jet.

I also noticed if I move the emitter object, the particles stay and are emitted from where the emitter was last.

Is there any way to make the particles “child” of emitter, so that if you move/turn the emitter object, all the particles move a turn to maintain the position relative to the emitter? (it’s currently relative to global).


You have to bake the simulation. Once done the particles will follow the emitter. All else will fall into place via particle options such as damping, etc…(see the wiki).

It seems to me that the thrust would consist of particles with a very short lifespan while the contrail, if any, would be longer.

You can get a pretty darned good “flame trail effect” by animating the textures within the visible interior surface of the jet-engine. Add a lot of “heat distortion” normal-juggling with a wave effect. Maybe you don’t even need particles. What if you had a plane, always pointing toward the camera, with a fairly low Alpha-value and an alpha-mask blurring its edges? Make that sucker wiggle in the wind with a wave-effect, keep it in front of the engine at all angles, and presto… a tail of flame. Just like those “flaming cauldron” toys we see in stores this time of year.