How to make particules not pass through a collision object?

I got some particules that collide with a plne, the particules are simple planes, but they pass through a bit. I want them not to pass trough at all.

I have permeability to 0, and friction also to 0.

what else should i do ?

Please help…

The particle system does not do mesh collision tests, how they are displayed has no affect on the the animation.

It depends on what effect you are trying to achieve. You may be able to get away with scaling the mesh to match the particles size and using the “size deflect” option. Otherwise your probably going to have to start the particles falling higher up, then make them real (CTRL+SHIFT+A) and use rigid body dynamics.

Well, what i want is.

The particles are planes wich are like polaroid fotografies, i want them to fall like paper, thats why i used particles to use brownian motion.

So i want that when they touch the ground( another plane ) they stop just like real fotografies would.

So is this possible with partcles or should i use rigid bodies ?

Some quick tests show that cloth might be work for this.