How to make photorealistic sand?!

Hi community

I am working on a project but I need help. I want to create a scene like this but I need help with the sand. I have a plane in the shape of my beach. I added a particle system to the plane and set it to hair. The particles are a group. They emit from faces. But I can’t create it like this without crashing my computer. How should I do it?


  1. Buy more ram.
  2. Make sure each individual object in that group is as low poly as possible. It’s often overkill to add a subsurf to them as they are just so darn small that it’s a waste of resources.
  3. Make sure the emitting plane is as small as possible yet covers your camera area.
  4. It looks like a pretty tight shot and you may not be able to get away with it but you can cheat with image texures and bump, and lower your particle numbers some.
  5. Buy more ram.