How to make rainbow oxidized shader on this?

I would like to put this “anodized” style on my crystals, but I don’t even know where to start :thinking: Maybe someone has already made this shader :nerd_face:

You can try to use the ambiant occlusion node to get a factor when faces are close to one another. And the pointyness value from the geometry node to highlight edges.

Though I quickly tried and didn’t get a super nice result.

if you can’t do it imagine me who starts :scream: (my profile picture is me right now)

Here we go, a thin film shader

btw what material is that in the starting post?


That looks pretty nice!

WOW, what a huge stock! Thank you :+1:
A lot of great shader!
I found something but nothing who work with the shape of the mesh…

wow ! this is really amazing !
One less thing i ignore, among the ocean of them :slight_smile:

thanks @pixelgrip !