how to make real chrome?????

hey, could someone please help me out. I really need to know how to make real chrome and metal. How do I get this done?
please help me out.

You don’t really “make” is so much as you mine it and smelt it. Chromium is usually plated onto another metal using a technique called “electroplating” while most other metals are used in a pure form or in an alloy.

But, saying this, I think you actually want to simulate the appearance of real metal in Blender, so here’s how that’s done. In the materials buttons you’ll see that some of the button groups have tabulated menus. One of these allows you to set raymir (ray mirror) values, which will give you reflections. Play with these values and the color of the material and you’ll get different types of metallic shine.

Metal usually has a good amount of specularity as well and a nice amount of hardness.

Have you tried searching yet? I came up with this:


and this:

Not everyone uses the same settings, just play around until you think it looks nice.
The most important aspect of metal and chrome is their reflectivity. But something needs to be reflected, so you could make a simple environment, use a skymap:
(kindly donated by [email protected]),
or convert a HDRI to a bitmap with HDRview.
The skymap can then be mapped as a world texture. How depends on the kind of skymap; this is a tutorial:

thnx for the help!