How to make "realistic" grass in Cycles 2.71

Hello forumites!

In Cycles 2.71 what’s the most optimal way to render grass?
Should I use the hair system or should I have groups of objects with the hair particel system?

Or is there any other way?

Thanks In Advance!

Kinda depends on what sort of grass you are making. For a more wild/unkept field, clumps tends to work best. Especially since you can model out the blades and get more detail on them. This tutorial is pretty good:

For something where you have a lot of small blades, like a well manicured lawn, it might be better to just go with hair strands. Use the roughness options in the children panel to get a bit of variations in the blades.

The problem I have with the hair strands is that I always somehow manage to kcik the requiered memory to 3-3,5k, it only happends with hair strands. Why is that? Or weel rather, how much grass should a normal lawn have? Take some of Andrew Price’s (BlenderGuru) lawns, that size.