How to make really nice gloss on black plastic?

Please tell how to make this…?

Here is a link to picture, which is rather similar to that what I should do…

How do I make such a gloss on black plastic surface? It looks like it is made
afterwards with Photoshop…

I should later animate the model…how the gloss could work on animation?


Turn on raytraced reflections (at about 0.25), and give the object something to reflect . . . like a large white emitting plane.

Exactly. Sometimes I put a white and black “marble” texture on the world.


Being a graphic designer for over 15 years, I can tell you with about 90% certainty that those reflections were most likely Photo Shopped. They put those highlights into the art piece to mimic the reflection of a photographers soft box.

If you wish to mimic an effect like this, then you’ll have to mimic a soft box (or some similar type of reflection). In Indigo you can usually do this with a mesh emitter, but if you’re animating with Blender Internal I’m not really sure. You can set up emitters in Blender, but not quite as easily as you can in Indigo. It may be worth a try though.

Yes, they look like photoshopped reflections…I think the same.

Thanks for info. I will test your suggestions…

OK, I did this test with Blender Internal. It’s not perfect but I think with a little tweaking you can achieve what you are looking for.

Sorry for my brief and somewhat inaccurate instructions.

Here’s what I came up with after some testing:

Here’s the .blend. Dissect it, improve it & share the results!

BTW: You’ll need a recent SVN build for some aspects of the above render . . . but not the smooth reflection on the glass that you’re interested in.

Hey that’s slick!!! I like that. :yes:

Thanks this helps a lot! lol…

Many thanks for files they have helped me a lot.

I have still few questions…

  1. How to make gloss more bright? Emit is on its maximum on this light source and I have also increased translucency to it’s maximum. Are there any other possibilities?
  2. I would like have glosses on some other layer so my friend could add with photoshop some ui decoration between the black plastic and the white gloss…

Please help if you can…


The translucency on any materials in the scene would not help. Try increasing the reflection amount of the glass.

This model is already set up for that. Just apply the UI decoration as a texture to the ‘screen’ under the glass . . . it’s a separate mesh.


Here is my attempt. Any ideas how to improve it? I would like to upload the model but it is 20 Megabytes…modeling is rather heavy. Its made with t-splines and Rhino…

Does somebody know a site where I could upload the model? I should animate it and I really need some help with that…I hope somebody has time to advice me…


Here it is as foldied…its mobile phone with OLED surface…very innovative…