How to make ripple transition.. aka flashback

The answer could be done via textures or compositor…I think. Since it is used as a transition I’m putting the question here. This is the blend between scenes often used as a flashback or dream sequence. It’s similar to the ripple transition but more along the edges of the scene. See this link
I thought it might be possible to do in the VSE but gave up. I tried shape keys but couldn’t figure how to get the rolling effect. Displacement modifier on a texture? I know Blender isn’t a full functioned NLE but with all the tools in Blender there must be a way. TIA

Sorry I think you can only do this using the compositor.

Make radiating concentric rings like a wood texture, then use that as the input to a displace node. If you fade the animated rings to a neutral value like white then the rings will loose effect.
You could also reuse the rings as an alpha in the mix node?

yep, compositor only. But hey, that’s not a disadvantage or limitation. I think I can share a blend file.

Here’s an example of the effect:

…and the blend file:
damn, cannot attach it to this post due to file size! :frowning:
Uploaded to blendswap:

It’s elementary so I don’t think that any explanations are required.

I started to answer this post the same way a few days ago but you still cant use image maps or textures to the displace node in Blender the way you can in other compositing programs.

There’s the Wave Modifier you could use on a movie-textured plane. It would be tedious to set up the plane axis, modifier settings which react to each other, and camera too (if modifier won’t warp on the axis you need)… but I’m sure it is possible.

Dynamic paint would be another way I would look into. Getting a sine wave warp like that Wayne’s World clip might be difficult with that. I haven’t played around with it so I don’t know if possible.


I set it up with the wave modifier on a plane and it wouldn’t work for me. Wood rings texture wouldn’t work either.


My bad, I just wasn’t adjusting the values nearly enough.

It’s a very tedious way to get there. Unless I was spoofing Wayne’s World I would totally skip it. Even then I would probably just rent After Effects. Not worth it either way for one crappy looking effect. There’s nicer looking dream or flashback transition effects than that IMO.

I do like a good Blender puzzle tho. I’d work up a test for this but can’t make time for play right now. :frowning: