How to make roentgen scan effect in cycles?

I would like to make a rontgen film pass over 3d text and make a scan effect. I don’t know if I have posted this
in correct group so correct me if I’m wrong. So if anybody can explain me how could I do it, or at least point me in
right direction it would be appreciated.

An X-ray effect (or at least that’s what google tells me :P)?

For text? (what good would X-rays do if text is typically a solid object? Is there hard and soft parts to the text?)

Could use post an image of what you’re thinking about? I don’t think I can quite visualize you’re asking for.

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Something very basic to start with…

Film is a glass material, with refraction set to 1 so image seen through it doesn’t distort. (Has to be glass, otherwise rays passing through it don’t seem to count as transmission.) Object behind the film gets a shader mix, factor input has Lightpath>IsTransmissionRay as factor input. Slot 1 on mixer gets shader for what is seen without film in front, slot 2 shows shader for whatever is seen through the film.

If you’re clever with something like texture maps, you should be able to figure out the rest. :slight_smile:


After playing around a bit, I found the effect is kind of cool and perhaps versatile. It was too tempting to make a video covering how to do it, so I did.

Yeah :yes::eyebrowlift2: thanks, that’s just what I had in mind, fantastic :slight_smile: I want to add it in animation, so yes, that plane (film) should just pass over the text, just as it would pass through the monkey head. How could I add some small interaction effect beetween them, like some small lightning or some small fireflies, just something on what I could later add some audio buzzing effect?

And I’m trying to make the bezels-edges of the film to be like this:

but I can’t find first and last node from this picture:

this was not done with composite (might be possible )

it was done in cycles nodes !

let me know if u want it

happy cycles

Well yes, I would like to see and learn cycles nodes and see how it works, but if someone could explain me how could I make that or something similar in cycles that would be appreciated, because I have the whole scene done in Cycles and that animation is the last part, so I would like to finish it in Cycles.

Thanks :slight_smile: :slight_smile: