How to make Save Checkpoints or Save and Quit Game options?

Hi guys! I am currently developing python scripts with my little Game “Icarus”. But I met a major milestone with the Blender Game Engine: How to make checkpoints and/or save points for saving game progress? I got stumped, and I have read that the “Save/Load Game” Logic brick is only for Game Properties. I am currently using Blender 2.61. Thank you fellow Blender Artists!

in addition, the logic brick saves and loads the global dict not the game properties

What do you mean by Global Dict? Is it the state of the scene or the progress made in the scene. Sorry, I Haven’t yet delved into other parts of the blender game engine.

It’s exactly that: a globally-accessible (Python) dictionary. The first Google search result is this very good description by a member of these forums.

I’m too slow to write…:slight_smile: