how to make seamless tiles out of photo?

Just wondering if anybody could point me to a GIMP or PS CS3 tutorial on how to make a seamless tile out of a digital photograph. I’ve took a number of pictures of the patterns of tree barks and I rather liked them. I’ve also took pictures of grasses and sidewalk with the intent to turn it into some good textures for me to practice more on texturing. but first I need to figure out the best way to make the picture itself seamlessly tiles without too much distortions.

P.S. I also want to use the tree bark texture for the side navbar of my site.

In Gimp open your image, select Filters / Map / Make seamless and your done.

just did that and wow, it works good :smiley: thanks!

Or if you want to do it the hard way:

or, in ps:

clone stamp
copy layer
move layer to overlap
layer style for new layer = dodge
rinse and repeat… (thanks VideoCopilot for that one :wink: )


It will simply blend the edges of the image to make it look seamless, not fancy and doesn’t use edge, shape, or texture recognition.