How to make serial backups?

I get a lot of useout of the .blend1 files. It’s a distraction thing, I tend to forget making backupsand then just wuickly pressto save. But I would love it if insteadof a .blend1 being overridden, Blenderwould do a backup .blend2, then .blend3, .blend4 and so on, so I automatically get a series of backups, in case a bad flaw causes me to need to go all the way back to an oooold backup. Any way to do that??

you can set the number of old .blend-versions to keep in user preferences -> save & load -> save versions, it’s just set to 1 by default.

However, if you want to have a really long history I’d recommend you to look at actual version control systems such as git or mercurial, where you save versions of all files in a directory each time you make a commit with those (and for each iteration you can also write a commit message on what’s changed in that version). This will clutter your directory with fewer files (because the version control takes care of these), and it also makes it easier to save backups to other machines as well (or to share work via a server).