How to make shader for transparent light scattering acrylic glass

I want to make a tube made of transparent light scattering acrylic glass. I tried many ways, but it is either not transperent or nor emissive. Can you help me with an advice?

This is how it should look like:

Try this.

Maybe try something like this:

Forgot to add - render in Cycles!

I did exactly how you both did.

Moony. Like really better but mine doesn`t glare, even with glare filter in compositor.

julperado. Strange, but mine looks neither transparent nor emissive.

How’s your scene setup? You won’t see any glow, transparency or emission if the object is alone in an empty scene, that will be only noticeable when the material interacts with other surfaces; also, make sure you have enough bounces in the Light Paths section, and at least 1 bounce for volume if you’re trying the setup I shared.

You need to reduce the threshold in the glare node and maybe up your emission a little.

Also make sure you haven’t got clipping activated in the render panel, this can kill glare.