how to make some group of bones

how to make some groups of bones. so as to select the hand for exemple with all bones in hand, so as to aply poses. and how to record poses. is ther some poses directory or workflow to mimic that function

there are no groups for bones.
closest thing is putting them on a certain bonelayer.

for recording poses just make an extra action named “poses” or similar, and key your poses there…


where to suggest features?

You can box select a group of bones like the hand. just press the b in edit mode, maybe it works in pose mode too, dont know.

but imagine your charater with some finger in the nose… then if you box select you will certainly select some heads bones with hand bones.

Yep, but its better than selecting them one by one holding the shift key down!

Hmmm, I notice that you can select groups by using the L key too. Although the grouping is predetermined. But its really fast!

You should make better use of the Select menu (SPACE > Select > Grouped)… this way you can select based on layers or parental hierarchy.