how to make spaghetti, physics, softbody

hey guys,

i am searching for a solution for my problem. i tried to do spaghetti wich are hanging from a fork and sliding above the floor. i use softbodies for this. now i have several problems with it. first problem is that the spaghetti are hanging through the floor despite a switched on collision on both, the noodles and the floor. the second problem is that i want to attach the noodles to the fork and i dont see a way to do this. i tried vertex groups and pinning, but this only works inside the same mesh.
the whole should look like hair, but i need the posibillity to choose a diferent color for every noodle and i like to have it soft. so i dont take hair. any ideas how i can manage this? ah and i forget to mention that it should not be in realtime. i want to render it out!

I’m not sure of what would be the best method, but have you tried with using curves ?
In the attached example .blend , i have 3 cylinders that are following 3 curves :

Maybe it could help you in making spaghetti with good controls on each ones colors and curvature
(ignore the vertex groups i setup, they’re completely uneeded for this, i was just trying something but forgot to delete them after)
edit : blend is for 2.63 , didn’t saved with “legacy mesh format” option enabled, so opening this into a pre-2.63 version may result in faces missing.


testcablecurve.blend (616 KB)

Hallo Sanctuary,

thanks for the example that brings me to some ideas but it is not really what i want to do. What i like to to is to animate the fork. in your example it would be the box where the cylinders come out. i want to drag it arround on different places and then the cylinders should act like spaghetties on their selfs with physics. the only thing i manage is to let them fall from above to the floor and they fall act correctly but i like to drag them arround slide them through the room. i think i can do this in realtime with the bullet physics in the game engine but it dont works as an animation for rendering out. the other strange thing is the point that blender sometimes ignores the collision with the floor and lets the cylinders fall through the floor. any ideas why this is happening?

maybe i have to use a rig in combination with physics …

sorry for replying to myself. i didnt realize that i could record the gameengine action. so maybe the best way to do what i want ist to set up the game engine properly with the bullet physics, record this and then render it like want to have it. what do you think?

To be honest i have no idea, trying to use Softbodies with curve, i have been unable to have the curves colliding with an object as you mentionned in the 1st post, despite the object has a collision physic on it, they just go through it