How to make speaker name banner with blender?

Hi,I’m very new to blender.:o

I want to add speaker name banner under video like in TV.
How can I do this?

I found it call lower third in After Effects.:confused:
Is there any video to teach this in blender?

maybe you can but graphics should be made in a 2d program like gimp or photoshop, and something like After Effects for post processing and adding effects.

but blender has video editing tools, so you might check out video editing in the blender documentation or check somethign out on youtube. I doubt it will be easy to relay on a forum all the steps you need to take to do your specific work

You can do 2D or 3D lower-thirds in Blender and the Sequence Editor, or you can render with a transparent background to import into other video editing software.

3pointedit has a tutorial:

Thank you everyone.