How to make specials effects with blender (V.2.37a)


Still in the more better to understand concerns the things, I would like to know how to realize special effects with blender as in terminator 2, for I am confronted to this problem, I have beautiful to look for but no idea; please help me.


This is a very open question - so many answers are possible.

Have you go a more specific goal?

You can use raytracing to make a liquid metal material. Just read up on it in the documentation.

You can use particles to make “goodlooking” explosions.

These tuts might help

There is a “liquidmetalA4.pdf” to be found here

you can build the liquid t2000 in blender with a chrome surface and morph targets. for pyro effects you need a fx system and they still donot match real explosions which are often composited into the film. the particle system in blender is not usable for this kind of quality.