How to make stranded wires?


As the title says more than I actually want… here are some self-explaining pics for u :smiley:

I got a cylinder.

so is there any way to make many small cylinders out of the first big cylinder like this?:

I got an idea for a workaround with the spin tool, but what i actually want is a one-click operation :confused:

If you can tell me another way to get a stranded wire, please tell me…
Here’s what I actually want to model:

and this is what i got:

Thank you for your time!
yours AndySanba

did some myself like that
you could use the screw or screw modifier then it will twist it around like an helix

interesting but what are you planning to do with these wires?

in any case the lugs are too low poly i think
and to make it look more real you could do some sculpting may be with dynatopo

hope it helps

I’m a beginner and this is from a tutorial, but I desided to do some stuff on my own…

I’m very interested in doing useless things like this, just to get comfortable with blender now :wink:

So… I will try to make it by hand now? … Thank you though!

here is example for wire stranded with screw modifier

wiretranded1.blend (374 KB)


ok, this is what I got after doing following steps:

  1. make a cylinder
  2. add array modifier and make a line of cylinders
  3. spin each cylinder except the first around the middle one. (the step has to be changed for every cylinder)
  4. finished.

Now I tackle the pressure on these strings… You know, it should be clamped into ferrules…

oh thank you a lot, RickyBlender!

Make object where vertices are centers for what will be the strands - i tried with z-flattened half icosphere. Set duplication in Object properties to Verts.
Make circle. Shift-select icosphere and Ctrl-P parent. Shift-Ctrl-A make duplicates real. Add Screw modifier.

if you need to deform the end for the ferrule might do it with sculpt or may be use a lattice to deform it!

i did not add the insulation layer so might have to modify the templet to include it
but depends what you want to add also which material to do with UV mapping


thats really nice :slight_smile: … I will have a look at a few options… thanks for your help guys!!

hey guys, this is what I finally got:

later im gonna add textures and so on… I hope it will get more realistic then.

thanks for help before!
so long

lug is too small for the wire!

add more segments

happy blendering

yeah it is…

I will make it a bit bigger…

But what do you think of the deformation… I mean the pressured wires?
so long