How to make sure of the size of mesh when stitching clothes? Or Best way to model clothes?


I actually brought the garment tool addon because I suck at 3d modeling/sculpting (thats another story) but I didnt consider that i would also suck at fashion design for me to use garment tool (shame on me). My first situation is that I cant seem to grasp if the size of the mesh, it seems too small too fit the character for cloth stitching method. How do i make sure the size or mesh density is right?

Currently i am fidling with another addon called curve to mesh that allows curve based modeling. But i want to know is there any specific tutorial out there for exagerated costume/ cloth modeling. Not the ones where it duplicates from character mesh, but maybe goes by edge loop…Or sculpting. idk…i guess i should be studying 3d modeling but…in my ehh 5ish years i never really had a break through…

I’m a fashion design student and I have the same problem right now.

Shame on this forum’s people for not replying to your topic. I’m using the cloth modifier of Blender and trying to make clothes is such a pain in the neck!