How to make texture truly shadeless

I am trying to make a truly shadeless texture n the GE. I have the material set to “shadeless” and in the preview window the whites are nice and white however when I start the GE they become muddy grey as if the texture is underlit. I don’t want any shading on it, just a purely pixel for pixel representation of the original texture map.

select the mesh,
press F for face select mode.
press A few times untill all faces are selected,
and then press W, and select Clear Lighting (not set lighting, be careful)

you should also make sure you have only 1 material assigned to the model, If you joined any other meshes to the main mesh you will inherit the other materials too.

another trick is to place the model in layer without any lights in it.
Just hold Shift and click on all the layers you want to run in the game.

Enjoy :smiley: